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MDT Announces AMR Magnetic Sensor Series and Volume Production Launch at Electronica

Date:11-14-2022    Hits:1624

Munich, Germany, and Shenzhen, China – Nov. 15th, 2022 – MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd. (MDT), a leading manufacturer of magnetic sensors specializing in AMR (anisotropic magnetoresistance) and TMR (tunneling magnetoresistance) technologies, has announced the full line-ups and the volume production launch of AMR magnetic sensors at Electronica and Electronica South China. MDT’s AMR sensor portfolio includes AMR angle sensors, AMR magnetic scale sensors, AMR linear sensors, and AMR switch sensors. They are mature products that have been supplied to and qualified by select volume customers for several years.

schematic diagram

MDT’s AMR sensor portfolio complements its TMR sensor offerings with high precision, large air-gap tolerance, high immunity to noise and interference for rotary encoders, linear displacement sensors, and motor control. They also provide alternatives for existing AMR sensors on the market, in applications of weak magnetic field sensing, pneumatic cylinder position switches, and utility meters, with improved cost-competitiveness.

application diagram

MDT fully owns its advanced magnetic sensor fab that can support AMR and TMR sensor production with an annual capacity in billions of units. MDT’s consolidated supply chain has ensured its customers uninterrupted production and on-time delivery that have not been affected by the global chip supply shortage. With highly optimized designs and streamlined fabrication processes, MDT’s AMR sensors are expected to meet even tighter delivery schedules. Most AMR sensors can be supplied in large quantities within eight weeks.


MDT will showcase AMR/TMR sensors at Electronica (booth-B3.543/2, Nov.15-18, Munich) and Electronica South China (hall2-2F46, Nov.15-17, Shenzhen) with featured AMR sensors including:

  • AMR magnetic scale sensors: off-shaft measurement for linear and rotary magnetic scales with 2mm (AMR4020) and 5mm (AMR4050) pole-pitch, high precision, large air-gap, and excellent noise immunity

  • AMR angle sensors: on-shaft high-precision measurement, pin-compatible with existing products (AMR3013P), compact LGA package (AMR3003L/AMR3008), digital outputs (AMR3108AP), general-purpose on-shaft/off-shaft measurement (AMR4100)

  • AMR linear sensors: outstanding noise performance vs. existing products, picoTesla ultra-low noise at 100pT/?Hz@1Hz (AMR2501), ideally suited for geomagnetic sensing and precision measurement of weak magnetic field

  • AMR switch sensors: 360° magnetic field detection (AMR1320), offering a low-cost tamper detection solution for utility meters including water meters, gas meters and electricity meters

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